Hello and welcome to MACRO, the Maryland Area Combat Robotics Organization.

Our goal is to promote interest in engineering and design through the construction of small “combat robots” and testing those designs in a friendly environment. We have a rule-set that is limited compared to other groups to keep the cost to participate at a reasonable level, while still allowing for lots of variety in design and capability.

Our founding members started putting the group together in 2018 as a way to build STEM interest and self confidence in their kids. It quickly became apparent that there would be a greater appeal.

As an organization, our focus is going to be to promote a spirit of cooperation and good sportsmanship, with teams helping each other to progress in skill and to keep the fun in the competition. We intend to make open-source all of our designs so that interested participants do not have to start from scratch, and we are also happy to assist in the design and build process for those who need/want it.

Our longer-term goals include having equipment to loan and printers for members to use.

We want everybody to be able to build, bash, break, and learn.

Jasen @ macrobot.us